[Scan&Translations] SHINee’s TALK 2 YOU Vol.1 for JILLE December 2012

SHINee World Indonesia


KNIT – Wearing knitwear which is the talk of the season in a chic style
The popular 5 member group, SHINee is known for their skillful singing and performance. They’re also known as a fashion icon and now will appear in every issue of JILLE for a short period. In each volume, two of the members will talk on various topics including their thoughts towards each other and fashion. Onew and Taemin took the honor to appear in the first volume.

Let’s put more effort to talk to each other from now on
Taemin: It’s been 6 years since we first met, hasn’t it?
Onew: Taemin was just a kid then. You were wearing a school uniform and your hair was just like how a student’s should be. You really gave off such a gentle aura. I thought you were cute then.

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