[Xiahday] Junsu berterimakasih kepada Fans di seluruh dunia.

Cassiopeia Indonesia (Fans Of TVXQ & JYJ)


From Junsu,
제 생일을 축하해 주신 전 세계 팬들! 정말 감사해요..!
여러분이 함께 기뻐해 주셔서 제 생일이 더 뜻 깊고 행복했던 것 같아요. 땡큐!!!! 영어로는 Thank you!!
Thank you for birthday wishes from all over the world! You guys made my day. I’m really happy with you guys! Thank you!!

Terima kasih atas harapan ulang tahun dari seluruh dunia! Kalian membuat hari saya. Aku benar-benar senang dengan kalian! Terima kasih!

source : JYJFB

Shared : Jaekha @CassiopeiaINA

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